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QuickBooks license orders are delivered within 1 to 2 business days. Depending on the product, software download orders will either be available for download immediately or within 1 to 2 days to process. For CD Installer orders, please allow 15 business days for your orders to be delivered. Our main distribution centers are located in the central U.S. 

What is a QuickBooks re-install CD?

Intuit stopped selling boxed CDs online a few years ago, as the trend in the software industry is moving to purely a digital delivery method. Intuit still provides a “re-install” CD. Please keep in mind, a “re-install” CD is simply a generic disc with a QuickBooks installer (.exe) file on it and does not contain any license information. Also, the download version will many times be the latest version of the software compared to what’s on the CD as there are often updates / patches to the software since the release of the CD. All on-going software updates for all Intuit QuickBooks products are provided via secure download (similar to Windows updates).

Our QuickBooks Delivery Timeline:

  1. Upon signing of our QuickBooks Engagement Contract, you will need to send us a signed Purchase Order to officially start our engagement.

  2. Once we received your Purchase Order, we will send you a billing statement that enclosed the terms and condition of payment.

  3. When we received your down payment, we will send you our open or available dates so that we can schedule you for the installation and training.

  4. Full payment should be made before we turn over your QuickBooks data file.

  5. We will provide three months of unlimited support via email, phone calls and remote access. 

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